Organic Soap Nut 50Wl / 250g

Available in 50Wl, 75Wl, 90Wl and 200Wl

    Cleans laundry naturally

    WITH untreated soap nut shells

    WITHOUT microplastics, mineral oil, palm oil or genetic engineering

    PACKED IN AUSTRIA in a lightweight foil that is widely recyclable

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    *Only German product versions available here

    Product description

    What is special about washing with soap nuts?
    Inside the shells of the nuts obtained from the Sapindus mukorossi soap nut tree, Saponins are contained. These gentle soaps provide a hypoallergenic and 100% natural clean and give the laundry a softer and textured feel. At the same time, Saponins are 100% biodegradable and the shells themselves are compostable.

    Soap nuts are 100% natural and from controlled organic farming / wild collection.

    Wouldn’t it be great if your laundry not only gets clean, but you can also disburden the environment and your wallet? Here are our tips:

    • Use a water softener for hard water.
    • For white wash add a laundry bleach.
    • Pre-treat stains.
    • Wash ideally at 30°C – 40°C.
    • Line dry your laundry, if possible.

    Directions for use (for for about 3 kg of laundry):
    Simply place 6 – 7 half shells in the enclosed cotton bag and close it well. Place the bag in the drum of the washing machine. When using a 30 °C – 40 ° C program, the shells can be reused once more. Compost used shells or discard of them in the organic waste bin. Suitable for wool and silk. If using laundry additives, please check the compatibility with your textiles also there.

    Certified by Certisys.

    Important note:
    Soap nuts are not a toy and do not belong in the hands of children.


    What you can expect from us: Our mission is to produce 100% natural, readily biodegradable products packed in 100% recycled plastic that offer excellent cleaning performance. This is our definition of being “truly organic”.
    How far have we come with this product to become “truly organic”?

    Ingredients: 100% natural ingredients, 100% from controlled organic farming / wild collection.
    Packaging: Lightweight foil bag (OPP) made without recycled plastic. Widely recyclable.
    Transport Packaging: 100% recycled cardboard boxes.
    Biodegradability: as a produce completely biodegradable.
    Packed in Austria: in Austria with joy and love by people with disabilities of Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg at beautiful Lake Constance.

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