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Is it allowed to bring your own bottles and fill it at the refill stations in the stores?
No. All detergents are subject to mandatory labelling (e.g. warnings, ingredients) and may only be filled into correctly labelled bottles, also to prevent confusion with food. Therefore, only the refill bottles available in the shelves next to the refill station may be filled and refilled.
Is there anything I need to consider before refilling?
The refill bottle should be completely emptied, rinsed and completely dry. If you do not have time to let the bottle dry out properly, please do not rinse and refill the empty bottle this time unrinsed.
What do you mean by "truly organic"?
“Organic” is not a protected term for detergents and cleaning agents and is used in many ways. Whether organic means a more or less ecological product or any level of biodegradability or a product with natural ingredients remains unclear. And “with” natural ingredients does not mean “from” natural ingredients, usually it contains only a few percentages of the claimed material. We therefore want to be “truly organic” and are on the way to 100% natural ingredients, 100% biodegradability and 100% recycled material. And how far we have come with our products is written exactly on our products, so no playing games with “with”.
What material is your packaging made of?
Our goal is to use 100% recycled material from household collection (post-consumer recycling / PCR). For plastic packaging, the recycling quota stated on our packaging refers not only to the bottle itself, but to all packaging elements, such as closure and label, so the packaging as a whole that you take into your hands. Not all bottles have yet been converted to PCR material, but there will be a lot going on in 2023. Unfortunately, as a small manufacturer, we sometimes have to take what is offered to us… Our transport packaging is made of 100% recycled cardboard.
In which sizes are planet pure products available?

For each product, you will find all available sizes listed on the product pages.

What is special about the ZERO% products?

Our ZERO% products are free of fragrances, dyes, preservatives and also without enzymes, making them the perfect choice for many allergy sufferers.

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