Our products

Our “truly organic” products for laundry care, washing up and cleaning are from natural origins, easily bio-degradable and almost all packed in (post-consumer) recycled materials.

Where we are

You will find us in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Croatia in numerous shops of these trading partners

Stay clean and natural!

Detergents and cleaning products have become much more environmentally friendly in recent decades. But being less harmful is just not enough for us, we want to offer “truly organic” quality for all consumers.

And for us, “truly organic” means: 100% natural ingredients, 100% biodegradability and 100% recycled plastic. Are we done yet? No, but we have already come a very long way. And we work every day to become even better!

How it all began…

While conventional detergents rely on ingredients from mineral oil, also used controversial substances and made the packaging as beautiful and colorful as possible and continue to do so, planet pure deliberately took a different approach. The path to more naturalness, completely without controversial raw materials and with packaging made of recycled material, designed to be less flashy, but more easily recyclable. Incidentally, we also became pioneers in refill stations for detergents and dishwashing. And we don’t intend to stop here…

Did you already know?

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